A Video Was Released For The Strangest Farming Game!

We saw a lot of strange games, but being a goose in a ranch is pretty unexpected. Thanks to House House Games, we can become a goose and do naughty stuff.

Almost everyone has seen a goose before. In fact, these naught and aggressive creatures are like the drunk versions of swans. Their appearance is clean and beautiful yet their behavior is sickening. They can attack people with no reason or cry out loud to get attention.

Australian game developer House House Games released a gameplay video of a game in beta stage, which is for now called “Untitled Goose Game”

A Video Was Released For The Strangest Farming Game!

The game takes place on a farm, which we have seen many times before. The difference is that, we are not a farmer but a naughty goose. We have a to do list that is fit for a naughty goose.

Sometimes we steal the farmer’s key and run around with it, sometimes we wet the farmer with a hose. However, we do not leave farmer be.

The company plans to publish the game as of early 2018. This crazy goose will be extremely enjoyable for anyone who wants to laugh.


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