Chromebook voice assistant confirmed

Rumors were confirmed about Google’s Voice Assistant on Chromebooks. Update coming soon.

Google’s AI supported assistant application Google Assistant, spreads into all products of brand.

Google’ın yapay zeka destekli asistan uygulaması Google Assistant, firmanın tüm ürünlerine yavaş yavaş yayılıyor. The leaked information about the future of the assistant in Chrome and therefore Chromebooks, that we saw earlier in the code and in different places, is almost about to come true with the Google Home news that emerged today.

Chromebook voice assistant confirmed

When you want to see which platforms Google Home app runs on, you can see the Chromebook compatibility on the screen which is a confirmation of an update. Some of Google’s services, for example, only work on phones, while others can only be used with Google Home.

Chromebook voice assistant confirmed

The screenshot, which lists the platforms you can play “Chat with your Assistant,” shows three devices in both text and icon, Google Home, Allo and Chromebook. It means Assistant is coming on ChromeOS soon. We guess that this update will be available for all devices after Google Pixel 2 smartphones are announced.


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