PS Turkey Will Give A PS Game Gift To One Person That Truly Predicts The Evening Game

PS Turkey will give a game gift to one person that truly pedicts tonights Beşiktaş – RB Leibzig match on PS Turkey Facebook page

Beşiktaş – RB Leipzig match that will take place at Vodafone Arena and can be watched live on TRT 1 tonight on 21.45, may get you a free ps game. One lucky person amongh those who predict the result of match truly will get a free ps game, as announced on PS Turkey Facebook page.

The campaign is powered by UEFA and the winner will be announced in same page. It is enough for you to be a member of PS Turkey Facebook page to join. You can cast your vote until match starts.

We know there is a lot of people who likes football between our followers. If you want to get a free ps game with your football knowledge, go to PS Turkey Facebook page from here. Also you can share your predictions here. Now let your football knowledge speak. How the game is gonna end ?


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