iOS 11 Users complain about crashing apps and low performances

Complains piled up after Apple’s iOS 11 release. Users say apps close by themselves and batteries causing problems

A lot of Reddit user state that they are having serious problems after iOS 11 upgrade. There are claims that OS was released before it was ready for consumers. Some messages are as follows:

“It got harder to load apps after upgrade. Apps like Safari, Reddit, ESPN, Yahoo load terribly slow. You either have to return to main screen and close the apps or uninstall and install them again. Sometimes it looks a few minutes. I never had to reset my device, which i had to do twice in last two days.”

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Users say that devices fail at loading. They have no way but reset the device since it is a chronic problem. Some people say that some apps can not be started through main screen or notifications. Another user message:

“It was much better in beta version. But now some apps crash or freeze. Sometimes devices does not respond. Something that came with upgrade set my bluetooth inactive. Now i can not use shuffle button that i could use in beta”

Its pretty good that battery life got better after upgrade but the fact that devices become problematic tu use makes the battery improvements useless.

Of course there may be users that switched two iOS 11 who are not affected from upgrade but the number of complaints on Reddit shows most users are affected. Apple will probably overcome situation quickly with an update. They better do it quickly as the problems are testing users limits.

According to Reddit users some users fixed their devices with a reset. While there are complaints about iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro, we can say that iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is not affected. It shows that problems might be a marketing strategy. We better wait and see Apple’s explanation.


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