Pablo Escobar's Brother to sue Netflix A Million Dollars

Netflix may have to pay a fine of A Million Dollars to Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, 71 year old brother of Pablo Escobar, whose brothers name they used without consent

Netflix is in trouble with Pablo Escobar’s brother. Pablo Escobar’s 71 year old brother whose name is Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, is going to sue Netflix for using his brothers name and the name “Narcos”. Escobar’s brother states that he owns the name “Narcos” and he is determined to prevent Netflix from using that name, though they are trying legal ways to use the name. Garviria is being a center of curiosity if he is the one sabotaging the serie, about the statement he made about location responsibles of the production being shot. He told “they should be hiring armed guards if they are shooting this serie”

Olof Gustafsson, CEO of Colombia centered Escobar Inc., which is owned by Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria, says that Netflix is threatening them with some legal actions but including the name of production, they own most of the rights to use the names of 1. and 2. seasons characters. He also implies that they will be certainly preventing Netflix from using the copyrights of serie if they are not paid a million.

Pablo Escobar's Brother to sue Netflix A Million Dollars

“Pablo Escobar’s 71 year old full brother Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria”

Netflix’s next step is not known. But Escobar’s brother shows how serious he is with his statements. If Netflix does not pay the money he demands, they will most certainly have to continue the next season with a new name. But Netflix’es best advantage is that they left telling Pablo Escobar’s story starting with 3rd season. What do you think ? Is Escobar’s brother right ?


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