'Penis' Drawing Caused Reactions in Netflix Kids Section

In one of the episodes of Maya The Bee which was aired on Netflix Kids Section, there is clearly a drawing of a penis on the wall.

Normally we talk about success projects of Netflix but not this time. Everyone is shocked about an image seen in animation Maya The Bee.

A penis drawing on a wall was noticed by a interested mother. Mother who noticed the detail in the series which is on air since 2013, says “You must be careful what your children watches. I’m not mad and I know a thing like this should not be shown to children”

The drawing took place in Maya The Bee’s Seasons 1 Episode 35 that was adapted from 1900’s German book series by a European studio named Studio 100 Animotion.

Netflix removed the episode. Its not known if the scene is to be edited and re-released but no statement was made yet. Though its not a Netflix Original Serie, its pretty normal that Netflix is being held responsible since they are the publishers. We expect a statement from Netflix soon.


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