Destiny 2 DLC Curse Of Osiris tested by way of Bungie: Get competent To discover Mercury

fate 2 used to be simply released for the ps4 and Xbox One, but we already have know-how on its first DLC entitled Curse of Osiris.

A fate 2 tribute greeted returning destiny players, reminding them of their accomplishments in the first game within the sequence. However, it’ll it appears not be lengthy before fate 2 players obtain an expansion for making more fulfilling recollections.

A Kotaku file from last week was the primary to reveal important points about the first DLC of fate 2, with sources claiming that Osiris will probably be at the core of the upcoming growth. Curse of Osiris used to be stated to be coming out in December.

A Microsoft store listing for destiny 2 growth 1: Curse of Osiris was then noticed, extra fueling rumors that this used to be particularly the primary DLC for the futuristic shooter. The marketing director then laid the rumors to relaxation via his Twitter account.

From the DLC’s description in its record, fate 2 gamers will receive story missions and adventures in Mercury, a brand new playable planet.

“trip through time and house to study the secrets of Osiris, restrict a dark future, and rebuild the ties between the legendary Warlock and his greatest pupil — Ikora Rey,” the outline reads. Osiris has been a significant a part of destiny lore however has under no circumstances been before seen in-sport.

This will be the first time that fate players might be ready to discover Mercury in story missions and open-world movements. The planet would simplest be earlier accessed because the atmosphere for The Lighthouse from the primary fate and for four Crucible maps cross the 2 games within the series.

In Curse of Osiris, avid gamers will retailer Osiris from the Vex, who colonized Mercury just like Nessus. The DLC may also add entry to The Lighthouse, which used to be simplest open within the first game to players who accomplished the quandary gauntlet of the trials of Osiris.

Confidently, by the point that Curse of Osiris lands in December, most destiny 2 avid gamers will already have entry to their own Sparrow, as it would be rough to discover Mercury on foot. We recently published a quick advisor for individuals who have no idea find out how to get a Sparrow in destiny 2.

Laptop avid gamers could have less time to accumulate the hoverbike before Curse of Osiris is released though, as fate 2 for pc will not be released until Oct. 24.


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