GTA 6 about now until we know everything


Though it makes us think that if rockstar needs to release a new game since GTA 5 is still a hit and can still be compared to new games after five years, a new game will come out eventually.And we wonder what else can be made about graphics in GTA 6 while GTA 5 is still used in GPU tests.

If we put the old games in chronological order we see that a new game is added to GTA series in per 4-5 years. We met GTA San Andreas legend in 2004 and GTA 4 in 2008. Newest GTA game GTA 5 has broken new ground in 2013. Though there is a possibility that new game GTA 6 may came out in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2’s due release lowers that possibility. With that as we stated in the beginniing of the article, GTA 5’s graphics are still great and we don’t know how and with which technology they are going to make it more real in GTA 6. It is rumored that it will be released with VR Support.


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